With the coronavirus pandemic causing everyone to remain indoors, living without outdoor space is proving to be a real challenge for some people. This is likely to lead to a rise in demand for properties with gardens in the coming months.

If you’re a homeowner blessed with a garden and are considering selling your property when lockdown is lifted and the property market resumes activity, now is an ideal time to prepare and improve your outdoor space. With this in mind, here at Key Property Consultants, we share four top tips to spruce up your garden during this time of lockdown.

Do a spring clean

Although it won’t necessarily add anything new to your new garden, doing a thorough tidy up could help to give your outdoor space a new lease of life.

De-weeding the grass, fixing that wonky fence panel or simply mowing the lawn could turn a scruffy, unkempt garden into a purposefully rustic outdoor area that is sure to attract would-be buyers when they eventually come to view your property.

If you have grass, it’s best to keep it short, while a patio or decking could look good as new after using a pressure washer to spray away any dirt and slime from the colder months.

Divide your plants

Once the garden is neat and tidy, it’s time to up the number of flowers and plants in your garden. Dividing or splitting summer-flowering plants is one of the best ways to do this.

By dividing your plants, you can add more colour to your garden while also making your existing plants healthier by making sure they don’t overgrow. Primroses, daylilies, asters, geums, heucheras, hardy geraniums and Japanese anemones are all suitable for dividing.

To separate them, dig up the clump whilst gently loosening the soil. Using a trowel or your hands, carefully pull the plant apart, making sure each section has plenty of roots still attached. Then simply replant these new sections in your garden, making sure to water them well.

Maintain your garden buildings

The winter months can take their toll on your garden buildings. Luckily, spring presents the perfect time to check your sheds and greenhouses and ensure they are still in good nick.

With the weather improving, a fresh lick of paint and regular ventilation will help your garden buildings and the plants within them to stay healthy.

If you’ve used your outdoor buildings for extra storage in the winter, it’s worth using this period to do a bit of decluttering and potentially transforming the space to a home office, home gym or play area.

Create ‘zones’ within your garden

Creating different zones and functionalities within the garden can help to make the space feel bigger and boost the overall appeal to your outdoor area.

Moving garden furniture such as chairs and outdoor tables into one section to create a seating space, and children’s play items into another section to create a mini play area, will help to ensure that future family buyers can take time for themselves and get a much-needed break from the indoors.

With normal life currently put on hold as the country battles coronavirus, now is a very difficult time. By incorporating these tips into your garden improvements, you can boost the appeal of your home and secure a higher level of interest from prospective buyers once normality is restored.

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