The lack of colour that winter brings can make us all feel a little bit under the weather. But if you are trying to sell your property there’s a valuable opportunity to warm up your house sale by tapping into a bolder palette of colour and using hot shades that draw potential buyers in by creating a warm oasis that makes them feel more comfortable and relaxed – more ‘at home.’

The role of colour

The role of colour shouldn’t be underestimated whatever the time of year. Feature walls and blocks of colour may not be to everyone’s taste, but they make a property stand out by creating points of interest that potential buyers will remember.

By drawing on the opulence of richer colours you can captivate potential buyers and elevate the allure of your home for a successful sale during the darker, winter days. Such colours work particularly well at this time of year because we want to feel warm and cosy, so bringing this richness into homes can turn up the temperature despite the stormy weather.

How to add colour

You can choose to use such colour as accents or as more permanent, bolder features. So you may paint a vibrant feature wall, or you may simply incorporate the colours into your accessories – such as rich velvet throws or luxurious shades. 

The latest colour trends

According to Country Living, search data analysis shows that homeowners are making braver choices in terms of colour, embracing bright and rich shades. It predicts that green will be the most popular living room colour for 2024 and points out that deep greens are a perfect accent for neutral rooms.

Deep blues, particularly teal, are another popular colour choice and can be paired with rust reds and warm mustards to create an even cosier environment for would-be buyers. Homes & Gardens calls teal a welcome choice for winter and says that the colour is rightly enjoying its moment in the spotlight. Both greens and blues have a strong biophilic nature, reminding us of the outside world – even when it may not be at its best.

Elegant golds, or ochre, are another top colour choice in winter, perhaps once again reminding us of autumn leaves long after they’ve fallen. Homes & Gardens says golden ochre is “like a warm embrace in winter”. It’s easy to see why given the warmth and richness it creates. Deeper golds, meanwhile, help to exude an even greater sense of luxury in the home. Incorporating lavish, ruby reds and burgundies into your colour scheme can bring additional warmth that will remind your potential buyers exactly what home comforts are all about.

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